Empathetic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Empathetic voice for your voice over project.

An empathetic voice is like a superpower. How so, you ask? Well, it’s understated, yet it appeals to the sentiment of others. This voice subtly tags at the listeners’ emotions while and greatly influences their point of view.

Info for Empathetic voice Voice-overs

An empathetic voice creates a soul bond. But it’s more than pure sentiment or just begging for the listener’s attention. It calls unto the listener to drop their walls and to put themselves in the speaker’s shoes. This has a pragmatic effect, which can change the listener’s perspective.

When can you use an Empathetic voice Voice-over?

The empathetic voice works well in advertising, public services announcements, and public appeal campaigns. This voice evokes in the listener a drive to respond to the call to action. It seals a binding contract with the listener, a bond so compelling that the audience feels completely transformed after listening to the message. You might have noticed how productions with a sales angle always use an empathetic tone towards the end. This tone leaves the listener with an urge to wake up and jump into action.

What makes the perfect Empathetic voice?

It’s that inner voice still fights for a better world when others have given up. An empathic voice is soft and concerned. It makes the listener feel safe and is a powerful communication tool.

Other info for Empathetic voice Voice-overs

It can be a narrator’s voice or a “voice of God.” It isolates people from their petty concerns and shows them the world that exists outside of them. It’s essential to match such a voice to match an empathetic voice with an appropriate call to action statement.