Enchanting Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Enchanting voice for your voice over project.

Ethereal and captivating, the enchanting voice brings the listener into their world even before the listener may realize what's happening. You know, Melisandre of Asshai in Game of Thrones, her voice is like a potion that smells so good but may also hold a little danger. That's an enchating voice.

Info for Enchanting voice Voice-overs

An enchanting voice can be beautifu,l but there's something poisonous laced underneath. It brings its listeners into far off worlds and fantasy. Someone with an enchanting voice is the thing dreams, and maybe some nightmares, are made of. It's the perfect voice for that character in your video game or animated film, yet it's also a good choice for an audiobook character or when you are trying to capture this mood.

When can you use an Enchanting voice Voice-over?

An enchanting voice doesn't just appeal to the Game of Thrones crowd or gamers (though it probably does!). It also beckons anyone willing to take a tiny risk in what they're listening to as this voice has some mystique and curiosity about it. It can appeal to all genders and all ages, it's that melodious sound you're not sure you should listen to or not. But you really want to.

What makes the perfect Enchanting voice?

An enchanting voice is smooth and rich, welcoming but a bit dangerous. It is often on the lower side, and though we often think of females with enchanting voices, the male voice can be enchanting as well.

Other info for Enchanting voice Voice-overs

This is a great voice for any fiction work voice over. It also can work for commercials and ads that want to invoke a bit of fantasy. Remember, once your listeners hear this voice, they may not be able to stop listening. And that's a good thing!