Encouraging Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Encouraging voice for your voice over project.

This is the voice that tells you to pull up your big person pants and get on with it, but in the most loving way. It's the voice that lets you know you can do it, and to get on with it and do it. It's an encouraging voice, and we all need one in our lives.

Info for Encouraging voice Voice-overs

You know your friend you can always call, or maybe that teacher back in high school? Maybe your mom always had the encouraging voice, but you know the one. It's full of motivation without being overbearing and full of compassion without being sappy. The encouraging voice is perfect for motivational pieces and podcasts. You can use it instructional and how to videos as well. Whenever you want your audience to know they can, use an encouraging voice.

When can you use an Encouraging voice Voice-over?

When your audience is made up of those that want to learn or take on something new, an encouraging voice is perfect. Whether it's a piece on how to bake or fix a drain, an encouraing voice is great. This voice appeals to anyone so you can't go wrong if you are trying to help your listeners or share something new. It's an appealing voice, use it well.

What makes the perfect Encouraging voice?

An encouraging voice is laced with warmth and optimism. There's nothing you can't do when you hear this voice. Whether it's the voice of a coach in an animated film talking to a discouraged player or a friend building her bestie up, this is a pure voice that everyone wants to hear. With soft, understanding, slow tones, it goes straight to the heart.