Engaging Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Engaging voice for your voice over project.

When you want your audience to feel as if they are the only one the speaker is talking to, use the engaging voice. This is the magic voice that brings listeners to in and shows them they are valued, respected, and important.

Info for Engaging voice Voice-overs

Think about TED talk presenters, talk show hosts, and motivational speakers. These are the engaging voices and audiences love them. We feel connected, valued, and honored. These are the voices that captivate and inspire us, they tell beautiful, warm stories, and we are comfortable sharing our thoughts and inner feelings when we hear them. The engaging voice is a special one; it connects and inspires.

When can you use an Engaging voice Voice-over?

Any audience that wants to be inspired, motivated, or simply entertained will be captivated by engaging voices. This ranges from young children in school settings to someone listening to a podcast or TED talk in their car. The beauty of an engaging voice is its broad appeal, no matter race, gender, ethnicity, or age, everyone will be motivated and interested by an engaging voice.

What makes the perfect Engaging voice?

The engaging voice is the one that says, "I hear you," and "You can do it." It's the voice of Jimmy Fallon when he is interviewing someone or Ashton Kutcher motivating teenagers. The voice is powerful, yet compassionate, it expresses thoughtful pauses to listen or let the message sink in. People want to hear this voice as it feels like it's speaking right to them. It has an edge of excitment, determination, and a call to action. We love an engaging voice as it truly is laced with positivity.