Exaggerated Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Exaggerated voice for your voice over project.

Do you need that ‘over the top’ performance for your project? Try exaggerated voice, it has a presence that makes everything seem bigger than it is. Advertise your mega burgers, or your veeery comfortable mattresses.

Info for Exaggerated voice Voice-overs

An exaggerated voice is not necessarily loud, but it is bigger than it should be. It also has an unmistakable character to it, a larger than life character that draws in the audience.

When can you use an Exaggerated voice Voice-over?

Do you have one heck of a story to tell? An audiobook narration, a comedy script, or even a commercial spot? An exaggerated voice is the voice of the evil witch, the giant, or the warrior character in a video games or a film. Animations also use this voice to portray quirky and amusing characters.

What makes the perfect Exaggerated voice?

This voice makes everything seem larger by proportion. It stimulates the listener’s imagination because it is so obviously out of the ordinary. The speaker over-extends the pitch and volume of their speech to give the illusion of a larger presence. Exaggerated voices can be used as an aggressive form of marketing, like in hard selling announcer commercial spots.

Other info for Exaggerated voice Voice-overs

A lot of English dub anime have exaggerated voices that listeners don’t seem to like very much. A voice can be exaggerated to the point of sounding ridiculous, a phenomenon that is commonly referred to as over-acting. The perfect exaggerated voice is performed in context, and can sound silly, funny or salesy.