Excited Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Excited voice for your voice over project.

Some people just know how to draw you into a conversation. They bring the energy and narrate the adventure in an excited voice, making you feel like you are an intricate part of the story. If you have ever resisted the urge to sing along to a commercial or kids song, then you know first hand how excitement can be hard to shake off.

Info for Excited voice Voice-overs

This voice is happy and friendly. It’s great for marketing kids products as well as designing video game characters. There are so many more applications of an excited voice that include commercials, sports announcing, and animated characters.

When can you use an Excited voice Voice-over?

An excited voice should also be excitable. It should stimulate the crowd and prepare them for the next big thing. Imagine the voice of an MC at a concert introducing the next artist. Or the voice of a sports presenter about to announce the winner of a big game. The audience should feel the uncontained excitement bubbling out of the speaker’s voice.

What makes the perfect Excited voice?

It’s fun, enthusiastic, and full of energy. An excited voice can be male or female, and usually the speech is a bit fast. The voice is simply eager to reveal the next part of the story, and this gets the audience excited as well. Excitement is perfect for promotional content that gives the audience an overview of a product in just a few minutes.

Other info for Excited voice Voice-overs

Although an excited voice has an eager tone, be careful not to make a character sound restless unless you are doing it intentionally. While one can get listeners to be enthusiastic, the other can get them agitated.