Exhausted Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Exhausted voice for your voice over project.

You can feel the exhaustion seeping out in this voice. Whether it's from life in general or a big, daunting day, the character with the exhaused voice is someone, whether we like it or not, we can all relate to.

Info for Exhausted voice Voice-overs

We've all felt it, we've all lived it. Exhaustion. Maybe it's from something exciting like a big, fun day at Disneyworld or maybe it's that life is beating you down. When an audience hears an exhausted voice, they relate. This voice is perfect for conveying this mood and can share a lot about a character through voice alone.

When can you use an Exhausted voice Voice-over?

You may want to use this exhausted voice to portray a character in an ad or commercial. Think about an exhausted new mom reaching out for help. Maybe your audiobook has a character who is always exhausted because they work three jobs while paying for graduate school. The exhausted voice can exemplify how the character is feeling; it's the perfect case of show don't tell.

What makes the perfect Exhausted voice?

The exhausted voice is tired, draggy, and far from enthusiastic. You won't hear an excited lilt or curious questions, and this voice is definitely on the quieter, more somber side. Because it can be an effort to speak, the exhuasted character uses few words. In an effective exhausted voice, the audience can hear the effort which it takes to speak.

Other info for Exhausted voice Voice-overs

This is a relatable voice and great for commercials and adding to a character. When you use it in your projects, your audience is sure to relate and understand your character.