Explosive Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Explosive voice for your voice over project.

The time for subtlety is long-past. When you need a voice that's simply giving it all it's got, and way beyond any niceties, then you're looking for an explosive voice.

Info for Explosive voice Voice-overs

There comes a time in a story or a script where things just boil over, climax into a more intense situation. Characters usually don't have endless reserves of patience, or there are loose-cannon, maverick personalities that just can't seem to dial it back from 100% every single time. If your project has a situation or character that calls for an extreme, all-out voice that's pushing it past the max, then you're in the territory of the explosive voice.

When can you use an Explosive voice Voice-over?

There are many characters than can have a pedal-to-the-metal, speaker-shattering explosive voice. Well-trod tropes like the police chief that's had it up to here with the main characters' antics, or ragged, on-the-edge characters that are prone to huge bursts of expletive-laced dialogue. Of course, there are more dramatic characters that also make use of this voice type, as there are times when even the most zen character's mood simmers into total chaos. In marketing and ads the explosive voice can also be deployed to comedic effect, or offered as a counterpoint to a character that's cool, calm, and relaxed.

What makes the perfect Explosive voice?

This voice type is all about sonorous, high-energy, high-volume performance. The explosive voice is boomy, agressive, and grabs the listener's attention immediately and doesn't let go.