Extreme Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Extreme voice for your voice over project.

An extreme voice is one that is most removed from the norm. Extreme voices are unusual because people do not encounter them on a day-to-day basis. To successfully pull off an extreme voice, you need to ensure the audience is surprised. An extreme voice can have a positive or negative connotation, depending on how the audience perceives it.

Info for Extreme voice Voice-overs

You usually consider something to be extreme when it’s removed from the norm in any direction. An extreme voice can be termed as excessive or subtle, depending on the direction of extremeness it has taken. You can either attain the greatest degree of extremeness or not try at all. To put things into perspective, imagine two extremes mirroring each other like extreme pain and numbness. Another example is the difference between an extremely outgoing person and an extremely conservative one.

When can you use an Extreme voice Voice-over?

You can target just about any audience with an extreme voice. If your aim is exaggeration, an extreme tone will work perfectly for your project. Remember, you need to clearly outline the objective of a project before bringing a voice actor on board. When working with an extreme voice, execution is everything because it’s a voice that people are not familiar with. Ensure there is a clear synergy between your message and the voice you’re using.

What makes the perfect Extreme voice?

An extreme voice should be something out of the ordinary. The voice should be one that people are not used to hearing. The more peculiar, the better.