Fearful Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Fearful voice for your voice over project.

There are times when characters in a script are quaking in their boots. The fearful voice is perfect for when you need a read that is all about portraying a believably scared reaction. Boo!

Info for Fearful voice Voice-overs

A cold chill is in the autumn air, as winds rustle dried leaves. There is no one around. Suddenly, a shadow emerges from the nearby bushes. "Aaaaah!" goes the main character, and our hearts skip a beat. The fearful voice is not just about these heart-stopping moments, though. Sometimes the tension is building unbearably, and you need an actor or actress who will believably keep audiences at the edge of their seats. A great performance is not just about the jumpscares, but also about creating suspense and dread.

When can you use an Fearful voice Voice-over?

Do you have a new haunted-house video game that you have coming out, and need characters that can believably portray fearful reactions? Or maybe you've got a new animated horror short in the works, a homage to classic horror authors of a bygone era, and you need to bring in slow-build terror into the mix. Or are you a true crime aficionado who's got a podcast coming up, and need to spice things up with recreations and fictionalized versions of famous crime stories? Maybe you've got a spooky commercial in the pipeline that playfully takes digs at horror tropes. The fearful voice is a very versatile tool!

What makes the perfect Fearful voice?

High-pitched, sometimes squealing, and definitely not deep. The fearful voice has a shaky, unsure, jagged quality that accurately portrays trembling reactions to the unknown.