Folksy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Folksy voice for your voice over project.

You want the voice that will deliver your message to sound down to earth, unprententious, informal, even plain and rustic. Then engaging a folksy voice might be exactly the way to go.

Info for Folksy voice Voice-overs

Folksy is often defined as having the characteristics of traditional culture and customs. But how does such traditional culture sound like vocally. There are many attributes tied to a folksy voice and include down to earth, homey, low-key, cozey, but above all natural, unassuming and even plain. Such a voice accentuates the message with direct and clear talk, without using any big words, comlicated metaphors or hyperboles.

When can you use an Folksy voice Voice-over?

"Down home" is the first term that comes to mind when somebody hears the sound of a folksy voice, and that is exactly the audience it is often directed towards first. It is owne geard to hard working local, particularly rural communities, that don't want to listen to overly complicated sentences, but want to hear the message that is inteded for them in a direct and straightforward manner. It is a voice that is a voice that is informal, casual, and above all, familiar to them.

What makes the perfect Folksy voice?

A folksy voice can range form worm overtones to crackly and hoarse as if it was weathered from hard work. It should above all sound natural to its intended audience, which would mean that it should adopt the accents and specific terms used in a certain local area. For some audiences, a folksy voice should resemble a voice of a country music singer.