Forceful Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Forceful voice for your voice over project.

A forceful voice brings the terror to the villain party. Makes you feel like a cold sweat is running down your back. It is pushy, bordering on violent. This type of voice commands respect and attention; it can be the voice of the bad guy as well as the voice of the hero.

Info for Forceful voice Voice-overs

The strength in a forceful voice makes a character seem confident in their beliefs. This voice is pushy, but it also makes the speaker seem knowledgeable on what they are talking about. Context will determine if a forceful tone sounds threatening and pushy, or confident and empathetic.

When can you use an Forceful voice Voice-over?

A forceful voice is perfect for villain characters in animations and video games. The political and religious characters in film also tend to have this voice. It demands attention, which is why brands use it to hard sell their products. A forceful voice has one goal; to convince the listener to make a choice. A forceful speaker has an air of self-assured energy that makes the audience pay attention.

What makes the perfect Forceful voice?

This voice is not necessarily angry or threatening. It is pushy, articulate, low-pitched and confident. This voice puts emphasis on the important words to sound authoritative. A forceful speaker expresses themselves in a powerful way, but they can be empathetic to the needs of the listener.

Other info for Forceful voice Voice-overs

A forceful voice is what we associate with authority, the voice of a leader. It makes the listener feel small. The listener can also feel protected in the presence of this voice.