Frustrated Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Frustrated voice for your voice over project.

A frustrated voice is used to act out real life situations, which helps the audience resonate with the performer’s emotions.

Info for Frustrated voice Voice-overs

Frustration is accompanied by a sense of helplessness and exhaustion, where someone feels like they have tried everything they could, but weren’t successful. It’s that voice you hear from a parent who does not understand why their child is not performing well in school, despite providing them with all the support and resources available. And it’s the same tone you’ll hear in the voice of a frustrated customer.

When can you use an Frustrated voice Voice-over?

You are likely to encounter a frustrated voice in movies and shows where a character worked hard towards achieving a goal, but fell short. Advertisements also use it to try to convince the market that the product or service being advertised addresses a problem that people commonly face. In the advertisements, a character might vocally expresses their futile search for a solution to a problem, after which the product being advertised is presented.

What makes the perfect Frustrated voice?

It can be loud and aggressive, when expressed in a heated argument, but that is not always the case. It can also be performed in a soft, wretched, almost defeated manner, usually used to show that the performer has little to no energy left to deal with a particular situation.

Other info for Frustrated voice Voice-overs

A frustrated voice can be felt even more, by the audience, when it is accompanied by the appropriate facial expression and body language. For instance, the performer can look down and put both hands on the waist to show frustration as a result of defeat in a particular competition.