Geeky / Nerdy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Geeky / Nerdy voice for your voice over project.

So you decide to make a big bang with your message or ad, as did the huge TV series "Bug Bang Theory"? Well, then, you just might need to engage a geeky/nerdy voice and make your audience stay focused on the information that is presented.

Info for Geeky / Nerdy voice Voice-overs

Presenting tech specks can often be taxing on audiences, so you need to keep its attention and not bore it to death. Engaging a geeky/nerdy voice can present an interesting/comic relief and will make the audience pay attention. It is the same case with any scientific data, doucumentaries or audi/visual manuals. A geeky/nerdy voicewill not bore the audiences to death and can even help them understand the information more easily.

When can you use an Geeky / Nerdy voice Voice-over?

In most cases, teenage and young adult audiences would be more receptible if any technical, scientific or more complex data is presented to them in a form of a geeky/nerdy voice. At the same time, a number of movies and TV series with so-called geeks or nerds as their main focus have so far been very succesful, which has made even more general age group audiences have a favorable reaction to such a voice.

What makes the perfect Geeky / Nerdy voice?

Usual characterisitcs of a geeky/nerdy voice are said to be over the top, nasal and high-pitched. Since such a voice is usually associated with teenage/young adult males, it can also be a voice that changes pitch from one moment to another. As if a young child is suddenly vocally transforming into a full-fledged adult and back. Re-creating a geeky/nerdy voice often requires a solid level of acting skills too.