Gentle Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Gentle voice for your voice over project.

Babies love it, horses love it, dogs love it, in fact, we all do. We all love the caress of the gentle voice and drink in its soothing and warm tones.

Info for Gentle voice Voice-overs

The gentle voice is universally loved. it's the one we speak to scared children in or a new dog we are meeting. It's the one used to break unfortuate bad news or lovingly wake up someone from sleep. The gentle voice has a large role in voiceovers and can be heard almost anywhere, from voiceover in film to documentary to podcasts to commercials to meditations.

When can you use an Gentle voice Voice-over?

The audience loves a gentle voice. Perfect opportunities to use it or ads for delicate subjects like medications or long term care. A character speaking to someone who has been through something traumatic will use a gentle voice, and for that matter, someone speaking about a traumatic experience will use a gentle voice. It's perfect for podcasts or documentaries. It can convey the gentle feel of the ocean or meadow in a documentary or speak gently in a meditation audio.

What makes the perfect Gentle voice?

This voice is as soft as silk filled with compassion and care. It's a quiet voice and adds a calming touch. The gentle voice is never too high pitched or too low, it is warm and clear and calming. It's like a hand reaching out for ours.

Other info for Gentle voice Voice-overs

The gentle voice has a huge place in voiceovers. From meditaiton to podcasts to the voice of an interviewer, the gentle voice is easy to connect to, relate to, and feel safe with.