Girly/Girlish Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Girly/Girlish voice for your voice over project.

Does your project need the perfect youthful female voice? Then a girly/girlish voice over will help you connect with a young female audience immediately, as well as bring a carefree, relaxed atmosphere to your read.

Info for Girly/Girlish voice Voice-overs

There's no denying that female voices are in very high demand. If you have a script that needs that perfect girly/girlish voice to bring it to life, then you've come to the right place. Our enormous selection of voice actresses can ensure that you'll find that one perfect read that fits your vision and helps you generate empathy with your audience by connecting with them on your terms.

When can you use an Girly/Girlish voice Voice-over?

There's an enormous audience for a girly/girlish voice over. Movies, video games, audiobooks and animation are now rife with heroic female protagonists with a youthful, innocent air that connect very well with younger audiences. There's all manners of characters that can be brought to life with this voice type, from protagonists to incidental, colorful side characters. The girly/girlish voice is also perfect for ads and commercials. Marketing materials aimed at younger female audiences tend to perform very well when they use a younger voices, as they foster empathy and create much higher levels of engagement and trust.

What makes the perfect Girly/Girlish voice?

The girly/girlish voice is young (or sounds youthful) and tends to have a carefree, open diction, with a slightly above-average cadence (it's usually faster), and veers into the higher pitches.