Grizzled Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Grizzled voice for your voice over project.

Robert Shaw's Quint in Jaws may be the eptitome of a grizzled voice and character. He's crusty and tough, hardened by the sea. The grizzled voice is crusty and tough, it has lots of wear and tear, but it can also have a lot of heart.

Info for Grizzled voice Voice-overs

When you are looking to portray the character who hasn't had it easy, who has had to toughen up through the years, go for a grizzled voice. This voice has stories to tell and though you may not want to snuggle up with them to hear the stories, the grizzled character isn't really all that scary. Tough, sure. Experienced, yes. A bit crude and crass, of course, But there's also something endearing and touching about those with a grizzled voice.

When can you use an Grizzled voice Voice-over?

You may want this voice when you are portraying a well seasoned character. A grizzled voice shows age and experience, but in a tough gotten sense. It's a great voice to characterize someone in an animated film, audiobook, or video game. We love the crusty, older guy who tells it like it is. Sometimes this is the character we end up bonding with the most. We love the rugged, crude exterior of the softer soul.

What makes the perfect Grizzled voice?

A grizzled voice is gruff and maybe on the colder side. It's got to be tough because it's character has been through a lot. It may be a bit sandy, rough, and low, and we'll probably hear a lot of slang, colloquilisms, and probably something offensive but true. There's something powerful about this voice, too, like the character has a wealth of experience and knowledge that we'll never have.