Guttural Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Guttural voice for your voice over project.

Sinister creatures are growling in the dark, and Vikings are stomping to a song in a mead stupor. A guttural voice is quintessential for vivifying characters in audio and video voice over. Harsh, low, and almost growl-like, find your perfect professional guttural voice talent for your project!

Info for Guttural voice Voice-overs

Also known as a death growl, a guttural voice is produced in the back of the throat. It's often used to create sound effects or impactful speech in movies and audiobooks. Hiring professional talent is usually recommended for guttural voices. When used over long periods, the quality can cause damage to vocal cords due to a strain. Such is especially so for untrained voices. When in doubt, just hire! Explore our array of experienced and dynamic voice actors to find the perfect guttural voice for your project!

When can you use an Guttural voice Voice-over?

A guttural voice enriches character personality in books, movies, and ads, especially in horror, creature feature, action, fantasy, or timepiece genres. A low but broken baritone might not be the most approachable voice, but they make great sound effects that can draw in adult fantasy fans. Need to voice pirate in a fairy tale? Hire our guttural voice to captivate children in your magical bedtime story.

What makes the perfect Guttural voice?

Like death metal vocals in the genre of music, a guttural voice is gruff, gravelly, throaty, and harsh. Some languages such as French, Arabic, German, and Armenian are guttural by nature. But in voice acting, professional voice artists are trained to produce these sounds with stamina and the correct techniques.