Hard Sell Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Hard Sell voice for your voice over project.

High-energy, aggressive, and full of conviction. A hard-sell voice has one goal alone; to chase sales. This voice goes directly for the sale, rapidly hitting the listener with information.

Info for Hard Sell voice Voice-overs

There is no second to spare when it comes to hard-selling. There is no room for the voice artist to catch their breath. This voice comes with a sense of urgency, making the audience feel like they will miss out if they don't act immediately. The listener doesn't have time to second guess themselves in the presence of a hard-sell voice.

When can you use an Hard Sell voice Voice-over?

A hard-sell voice is usually used when marketing products, especially when the product or service being advertised is on a limited-time offer. Think event promotions, Black Friday sales commercials, or a hard hitting car commercial. This voice is determined to get through to the listener. It is bold and explosive and hard to ignore. Radio ads use hard-sell voices to capture the attention of the audience and deliver the most amount of information in the least possible amount of time.

What makes the perfect Hard Sell voice?

It can be aggressive and loud, for instance, in the case of an explosive advertisement. It can also sound over-confident, where the performer makes the listener believe that product is worth buying.

Other info for Hard Sell voice Voice-overs

A hard-sell voice can be accompanied by aggressive body movements, like blocking a customer’s path to keep them in the same position, in order to be more effective.