Heartfelt Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Heartfelt voice for your voice over project.

A heartfelt voice is vulnerable, yet strong. It’s the voice of a child telling their parents ‘I don't like it when you fight.’ The voice is simple, clear, and honest to the point of compelling its audience.

Info for Heartfelt voice Voice-overs

It’s okay if you feel uncomfortable about publishing your heartfelt voice-over. This tone is very vulnerable and honest. A heartfelt voice is emotional and meant to make the reader feel your pain.

When can you use an Heartfelt voice Voice-over?

The heartfelt voice is not pitiful, it doesn't beg for sympathy. This makes it great for delivering bad news. A heartfelt voice carries more empathy than sympathy, like the voice of a religious leader reading a eulogy. It’s great for audiobooks, character narration, on-hold marketing messages, tutorials, and more.

What makes the perfect Heartfelt voice?

A heartfelt voice has a low tone and sounds confident. If you had to give a public apology, this is the voice to do it with. Because it is so genuine and direct, people see a heartfelt voice as authentic and trustworthy. If you choose to use a heartfelt voice for marketing purposes, be careful not to oversell or overpromise anything to your audience.

Other info for Heartfelt voice Voice-overs

Sincerity is the most important aspect of a heartfelt voice. Speaking your truth in a heartfelt way doesn't mean arguing; it means being confident in your words. It true that others may not like what you have to say, but a heartfelt voice speaks without needing to justify the message. When people speak from the heart, they say what needs to be said in a sincere tone.