High Strung Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect High Strung voice for your voice over project.

Neurotic, anxious, and just on the brink of the universe falling apart! High strung voices are like tensed strings on a violin about to snap. Are you reaching a climate in your audiobook or movie plot? Hire a professional high strung voice actor that will inch your audiences to the edges of their seats!

Info for High Strung voice Voice-overs

You've been there before. Your throat is dry, voice crackly, and you’ll explode if another person tells you to loosen up! Portraying voices without that push of anxious emotion is another story altogether. Tense and high-pitched, the high strung voice of a character sounds like he is about to scratch his way through the armrest of a chair. Add a gripping and compelling voice with our honed professional voice overs for a tension-building audio experience!

When can you use an High Strung voice Voice-over?

Role-playing characters for a tutorial script? A high strung voice is sure to add pressure to those picking up the customer service or counseling skill set. A high strung voice can also be used in ads to create a sense of urgency for compelling call-to-action for your consumers. But most often, it is used to portray characters in audiobooks and movies.

What makes the perfect High Strung voice?

Because vocal cords are squeezed and constricted tight, a high strung voice sounds higher in pitch due to the restriction in airflow through the throat. High strung voices tones tend to get increasingly pitchy, especially at the end, and sometimes start breaking up a little, almost like someone is about to burst into tears, or maybe have an explosive fit!