Hoarse Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Hoarse voice for your voice over project.

Think of the deep scratchy voice from your favorite country song whose lyrics have been stuck in your head all day. The husky, almost painfully rough, yet appealing hoarse voice that somehow calms you and allows you to feel the singer’s pain even though you cannot relate to it.

Info for Hoarse voice Voice-overs

The raspy and coarse nature of a hoarse voice can give the illusion of a nasty flu, but it is sexy and appealing for the most part. It gives off a macho vibe, you know, the kind an authentic cowboy from the wild west would have. The kind of vibe that is irresistible!

When can you use an Hoarse voice Voice-over?

The roughness of a hoarse voice can be heard in popular in music, theatre, film, and most recently, podcast intros and video game voice overs. It stands out from the normal soft voices and gives the speaker some character. Don’t underestimate it: when the full force of a hoarse voice is brought upon you, you cannot help but cower in fear.

What makes the perfect Hoarse voice?

A hoarse voice is like a double-edged sword. It can be soft and controlled, bringing a romantic and erotic scene to life. The kind of voice that would bring intensity to a love scene. It can also be sinister and menacing, evoking fear and showing the harshness of a character. It’s the voice of a maniac seeking vengeance.

Other info for Hoarse voice Voice-overs

When used in the right setting, a hoarse voice can, in some way, magnify the emotion attached to a scene. Its unique huskiness makes a character more memorable.