Husky Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Husky voice for your voice over project.

A husky voice is that deep and hoarse voice that sounds like a loud whisper. It’s like the speaker has a cold, but this voice also carries a sensual quality that can really captivate the audience.

Info for Husky voice Voice-overs

This voice has a raspy quality. It sounds scratchy and has a depth to it, and no, the husky voice is not just for men. Female singers and vocal talents can have this voice as well. It’s deep, has harsh qualities, and comes off as sexy. This voice makes the speaker seem more confident.

When can you use an Husky voice Voice-over?

Husky voices work well in films, TV shows, talk radio, videogames and audiobooks. In audio narration, they create the type of appeal that makes a listener want to sit back and listen for hours. Husky voices are also widely used in commercials spots to advertise different products, from beauty products to fitness commercials. Storytellers with this voice bring a mysterious, dark, and spooky essence to the narration.

What makes the perfect Husky voice?

A husky voice is deep and clear. When used by a male voice talent, this voice comes across as masculine and authoritative. Female voice actors pull of the sexiness of the husky voice well, depending on the context. It’s what we imagine every dashing hero or sensuous enchantress sounds like up close and personal.

Other info for Husky voice Voice-overs

This voice can also represent an old, wise, and mature character with a heavy and hoarse voice. A husky voice can also showcase the speaker’s grief or passion towards the subject.