Imaging Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Imaging voice for your voice over project.

The voice of a radio station, TV, or program is so unique that you can tell it apart just by listening. It has a unique tone that usually attracts the target audience. For instance, if the station or program targets men, the voice will be more attractive to men. Programs designed for women, children, academicians, tourists, etc. have a unique voice characteristic. That unique voice that identifies a radio station, television, or program is called the imaging voice.

Info for Imaging voice Voice-overs

It is not a coincidence that everything about a radio station, TV, or program appears to be done by one person or in one style. The intros, promos, jingles, breakers, and even presenters use a particular tone.
It is done to achieve consistency and present a specific brand ID that can resonate with the target audience. Furthermore, it creates some psychological certainty that you are home, listening to your favorite station or content.

When can you use an Imaging voice Voice-over?

An imaging voice has to be unique and perfectly resonate with a particular listenership. An imaging voice over targets radio stations, television stations, and brands. It also has to be as natural and representative as possible because you will be required to replicate the tone and delivery many times over.

What makes the perfect Imaging voice?

An imaging voice has to be unique so that it is easy to identify. It also looks both ways- towards the audience and the brand. The voice must represent the brand or product like a station does yet appeal to the target audience: for instance, a child, adult, etc. Preference for characteristics and vocal range will change based on the client at hand.