Immature Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Immature voice for your voice over project.

Depending on the context, a childish immature voice can be funny or it can be annoying. This is the voice toddlers use when throwing tantrums, annoying, but it mostly gets the job done.

Info for Immature voice Voice-overs

A higher pitch and tonal inflection make anyone sound immature. It also has a nasal quality that makes a speaker sound childish. Listeners often fail to take the concerns of an immature voice seriously, which only builds on its frustration.

When can you use an Immature voice Voice-over?

The impatient and inquisitive nature of the immature voices makes it suitable for a range of audio-visual productions. Advertisers love to use this voice in animation videos for kids. An immature voice could also represent the mean and self-centred teen in a commercial or video game. This voice can be loud and demanding, and if done well, it can really sell your script to the audience.

What makes the perfect Immature voice?

Immature voices have a high pitch that ranges from shrill to squawky. This voice isn’t always used in a negative light. Sometimes, an immature voice simply represents youthfulness and lack of experience. This voice is neither good nor bad, it simply expresses the childish, sometimes naive nature of the character.

Other info for Immature voice Voice-overs

There’s always that bratty character that uses their immature voice to get more attention. An immature voice may be childish, but that’s the power it uses to effect change. When used to advertise products for teenagers and kids, this voice can sound relatable and believable.