Impatient Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Impatient voice for your voice over project.

We've all heard that kid in the store ready to leave, a bit whiny and irritated. Maybe it's the entitled woman at the restaurant put out because her server hasn't come by, we're all familiar with the impatient voice. But the impatient voice is also the one of excitment, you know, the bouncing up and down voice we hear in the way in to a Harry Styles concert.

Info for Impatient voice Voice-overs

Impatience can portray a wide vareity of moods, but above all, it's used by someone who is ready for a change in the situation. This can be a positive or a negative one, it all depends on that situation and the character themself. This is what makes it a great voice to portray a character in voiceover. It's super expressive and can showcase a lot of personality depending on how it's developed and exectued.

When can you use an Impatient voice Voice-over?

The audience for an impatient voice is usually one listening to an audiobook, film, commercial, or some other fictionalized work. Sure, a presenter can show impatience as a form of excitement, but it probably isn't the right choice. However, your audience who wants to know a character more, maybe relate and connect, will appreciate the impatient voice. We've all used it, right, even if we're not proud about it?

What makes the perfect Impatient voice?

An impatient voice stands out as being higher pitched and in a high tone. it can definitely come across as whiny, irritated and entitled, or maybe excited and bouncy. However, we usually do hear this voice in the first scenario of irritation, and there it takes on a negative connotation. Your character may also be on the immature side to use this voice.

Other info for Impatient voice Voice-overs

Just because your character uses an impatient voice doesn't mean they're a bad guy. It's a tone that can be situational so it can be an effective addition to portray a particuar feeling in a particular moment. Don't be afraid to use it and change up your character's voice every now and then.