Influential Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Influential voice for your voice over project.

An influential voice uses its great depth of experience to inspire change in others. It has this calm aura that makes other people want to be around it. An influential voice knows how to get people on board without manipulating or bullying them into submission.

Info for Influential voice Voice-overs

An influential voice has a chameleon-like quality. Its tone can adjust to multiple situations, but it still maintains a calm and collected demeanor. This makes every single word from an influential voice land without a sting. Even when under fire, it remains in control of the situation. This makes it inspire those around it to listen, effecting significant change in the process.

When can you use an Influential voice Voice-over?

It features in audiobooks, TV, film, advertising, and many other types of productions. It can be used sparingly in a movie for that inspiring moment of truth. Don't overuse an influential voice lest you run the risk of sounding preachy.

What makes the perfect Influential voice?

An influential voice knows how to adjust its tone to fit the situation. However, it always maintains a deliberate pace because it’s sure of what it’s saying. An influential speaker can assert themselves in from of any audience. This voice is bold and daring, confident and charismatic. Listeners can feel the speaker’s passion though this voice and be compelled to act.

Other info for Influential voice Voice-overs

It’s the voice that every thought leader uses to inspire others. Influential speakers appear to have a lot of experience in their industries, so they immediately gain the trust of the listener.