Innocent Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Innocent voice for your voice over project.

An innocent voice sounds like it has no prior experience or knowledge. Sure, it seems gullible, but it can’t help the fact that it doesn’t know things. This voice has a sweet, child-like quality that makes it sound honest and trustworthy.

Info for Innocent voice Voice-overs

Innocence is a fragile thing, and this vulnerability can be heard through an innocent voice. This voice seems pure and untainted with evil knowledge. The voice is light and can connect emotionally to a wide range of audiences.

When can you use an Innocent voice Voice-over?

This is the type of voice that gets a pass when everyone else is in trouble. It can be the voice a mischievous character uses to get out of trouble, or the voice a child uses to talk to their parents. This voice is great for character animations, video games, audiobook narration, and commercial spots. An innocent voice can be used to portray gullible, naive, and easy to manipulate characters. At the same time, it can represent an adorable big-eyed character that couldn't possible do anything wrong.

What makes the perfect Innocent voice?

Innocence is a trait that can be observed in people of all ages. An innocent voice, however, is mostly used in the context of children. This voice can be used in a manipulative way, but it sounds crimeless, blameless, honest, and virtuous. An innocent voice generally sounds endearing, but if overdone, it can easily sound pretentious.

Other info for Innocent voice Voice-overs

Audiences love innocent voices because they are free of worry. This voice can remind older listeners of what it was like being a child. The innocence in a speaker’s voice could also be as a result of ignorance or lack of information.