Intelligent Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Intelligent voice for your voice over project.

It's a combination of knowledge, curiousity, intuition, and intellect. The intelligent voice is a little catchy, a bit soothing, and sometimes, well, a little above our heads. But yet, it makes us want to learn and absorb the information shared.

Info for Intelligent voice Voice-overs

What better way to encapsulate knowledge than with an intelligent voice? This is the voice of professors, academics, teachers, and the higher level learners. An intelligent voice brings a mix of curiousity, cleverness, and intuition altogether to form a voice and persona that exudes knowledge and thinking prowess. This voice shares a sense of commitment to learning and is a great way to show this in a character or voiceover.

When can you use an Intelligent voice Voice-over?

This type of voice has so many purposes and a wide audience appeal. For one, you can use this voice to portray an intelligent character with a voiceover. We all admire that intelligent, scholarly character. The intelligent voice is also perfect for documentary voiceovers, explainer videos, and eLearning platforms. It commands trust, and when it's a good intelligent voice, that hunt for information can even be a bit contagious.

What makes the perfect Intelligent voice?

The intelligent voice usually has a bit of a lower pitch and is void of both uptalk and downtalk, meaning there is little unnecessary inflection. Intelligent voices speak at a nice pace, not to fast or too slow, but about the speed of an audio book. Another characteristic of an intelligent voice is the lack of filler words, like ummmm and like.

Other info for Intelligent voice Voice-overs

An intelligent voice draws in the listener without being condescending, but with an intentional tone. It's a voice that people respect and one that is perfect for sharing information.