Intimidating Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Intimidating voice for your voice over project.

Low, slow, and precise. And intimidating voice knows where to hit, and it does the job well. This voice isn't exactly superior, but it will make you feel like you are falling short. This is the voice to use when you want to put some pressure on your audience.

Info for Intimidating voice Voice-overs

Is an intimidating voice manipulative? Yes, and that is the whole point. It is supposed to make the audience feel powerless around the speaker. An intimidating voice implies authority when where there is none, and this can really sell a character.

When can you use an Intimidating voice Voice-over?

Too many weighty pauses, a blank expression _ this could easily be the voice of a bouncer in a club, or a homicide detective. Intimidating characters are embraced in movies and video games. You can also use this voice to run creative commercial spots that involve characters. The evil villain in animation shows for kids usually has an intimidating voice that adds to the entertainment value of the character.

What makes the perfect Intimidating voice?

An intimidating voice is in complete control. It is superior and believes itself to be better than everyone else. So annoying, but the voice is low, enunciated, and in most cases, and intimidating voice is softer than normal. Intimidating characters have controlled breathing, clarity of speech, and confidence.

Other info for Intimidating voice Voice-overs

Intimidation is a negative tactic and should not be used on a regular basis. However, this voice might just be right for your next project. Because it is so impolite, and intimidating voice is associated with rebellion, power, and superiority.