Know it All Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Know it All voice for your voice over project.

We all know this person, and do we really like them? The one that always speaks in the know it all voice, telling us what to do, how to do it, and that they've already done it. And done it better. Yeah, we all know this person.

Info for Know it All voice Voice-overs

The know it all voice is of the person we want to ignore. We want them to disappear. We've all worked with one, whether back in school or at work. We may even love them as our friend, but boy, can they be annoying. A know it all voice never listens,and it's often hard to get a word in. Often this character means well, though, and is oblivious to their know it all tendencies. But try to do something new or talk about something you did around the know it all character, and that voice takes right over.

When can you use an Know it All voice Voice-over?

You could use this type of voice in a variety of settings, from voiceover characters in a film to audio books. Where you want to stay awar from this voice is in documentaries or learning videos. It can be a very off putting voice, so no one wants to learn from it, even if the speaker knows what they're talking about.

What makes the perfect Know it All voice?

The know it all voice may be a bit loud and overly confident. This character often speaks in first person about their own attributes and experiences, even when not appropriate. You'll often hear a condescending tone in it, and yeah, no one likes a know it all.

Other info for Know it All voice Voice-overs

This off putting, know it all voice defintiely has its place in voice over work. We all know that person who is a know it all, and when used correctly, this voice can certainly have an impact.