Laid-back Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Laid-back voice for your voice over project.

Too cool for school, chill, relaxed, and amicable. A laid-back voice is ideal if you want to imbue your projects with an easygoing, approchable quality that's like having your cool best friend shooting the breeze with you.

Info for Laid-back voice Voice-overs

Nothing like sitting on your porch, and listening to that awesome person that's so effortlessly cool that it seems like a magic trick. A laid-back voice makes you feel like you'r enveloped in the breezy, chill aura of somebody who's deeply tune in to the fact that if you just slow down a bit and smell the roses, everything will be fine. The reads by our voice actors and actresses will make the words from your script pop, and imbue them with real-life laid-back panache.

When can you use an Laid-back voice Voice-over?

There's a wide audience for a laid-back voice. From the guy and gal next door that exudes an approchable, friendly demeanor that makes them relatable even if they're doing crazy, superhuman things (like the extremely chill surfers and skaters), to "aw shucks" characters like The Dude from "The Big Lebowski". Laid-back voices tend to be great for conversational ads and commercials with a friendly tone, when you want to speak to your audience with the warm, casual, unhurried demeanor of an old friend.

What makes the perfect Laid-back voice?

The laid-back voice tends to speak in a slower, more drawn-out cadence than other voices. The unhurried, trustworthy delivery is part of the appeal, as is the unflappable cool of a voice that just seems to say "everything is alright" with every slowly-uttered syllable.