Lively Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Lively voice for your voice over project.

It’s friendly, warm, inviting: and it sounds like the voice of the super fun girl-next-door. A lively voice gives a sense that the person speaking is fun, full of life and adventure, like Dora the Explorer.

Info for Lively voice Voice-overs

This voice brings the good-natured energy to the performance. This voice is youthful and relatable; it can get your audience excited about your brand. It’s the voice of the storyteller narrating children’s books with enthusiasm. It’s also the voice of a sports commentator leading their audience through the game.

When can you use an Lively voice Voice-over?

A lively voice can make your brand seem vibrant and confident. Hard sell ads and promos use this voice to entice listeners. There is something about a lively voice that makes consumers feel like they are getting a good deal: one reason why automotive commercials are always upbeat. This voice is believable, bright, and if you have a vibrant script, it could be exactly what you are looking for.

What makes the perfect Lively voice?

A lively speaker is calm and has a comfortable body posture. They enunciate their words. A lively voice is not too excited, but it does express a lot of emotion. This voice is friendly, articulate and clear, and can be done by both male and female voice artists.

Other info for Lively voice Voice-overs

A lively voice is what make you excited for the day. Everyone loves to hang out with the person with the lively voice. It has no worry and makes the listener feel like everything is going to workout alright.