Luxurious Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Luxurious voice for your voice over project.

A luxurious voice makes the speaker seem classy, or at least classier than everyone else in the room. Decorated with extravagance and sophistication, and if you’re looking to market a high-end brand, this might just be the voice for you.

Info for Luxurious voice Voice-overs

It is that voice that, as you hear it, makes you think of the speaker’s huge mansion and luxurious sports car. The vocabulary that accompanies this voice is generally exclusive and rarely used in normal conversations; suggesting that the speaker is a little more sophisticated, living among the upper class. A luxurious voice can make your listeners have FOMO (fear of missing out) and thus encourage them to buy high-end products.

When can you use an Luxurious voice Voice-over?

The luxurious voice is used the sale of high-end products or services. For instance, when checking in into a seven-star hotel, or when window-shopping for the latest high-end brand vehicle, you are likely to be welcomed by this voice. The voice is also used in movies, television shows and stage plays by performers who play wealthy characters. It can also be used in audio books to distinguish the social class of a wealthy character from the other characters.

What makes the perfect Luxurious voice?

A luxurious voice is often calm and relaxed, showing that the performer has almost everything that they have ever desired; and can get almost anything that money can buy. It also carries with it some level of confidence, and sounds cultured.

Other info for Luxurious voice Voice-overs

A luxurious voice can also come off as intimidating to those who are not used to speaking in the same manner, while to others, it might sound condescending.