Manly/Masculine Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Manly/Masculine voice for your voice over project.

Do you need the strength and conviction of a typically manly/masculine voice? Then look no further. These awesome actors can bring the power, grit, and courage like nobody's business.

Info for Manly/Masculine voice Voice-overs

If your project needs those qualities that are typically associated with strength, self-assurance, and manliness, a manly/masculine voice is what you need. Of course, while these aren't just the province of men alone, sometimes you just need to go for the classics. Often a script calls for a hulking, bearded, chest-pounding performance that drips with testosterone, and there's nothing like the collection of amazing voices we've assembled here.

When can you use an Manly/Masculine voice Voice-over?

Ever try selling a product that's aimed at men alone? Maybe you've got a new fragrance coming out, or a grooming product that would benefit from the simplicity of a guy speaking in a language that men would understand. Or, if you've got a video game or fiction character who is manly, burly, and battle-ax-swingin', that needs to come out in the vocal performance as well. There's a wide array of identities that a typically manly/masculine voice can portray, from the classical to those that subvert the tropes.

What makes the perfect Manly/Masculine voice?

Deep, confident, assured, calm, collected. A manly/masculine voice can be like a rallying cry, a dose of conviction and safety in the darkest times. The cadence for this voice type tends to be slower and more measured, taking the time to go through concepts and ideas, with a very clear, precise diction that's unstressed and unhurried.