Melancholic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Melancholic voice for your voice over project.

Have you ever seen characters gazing out of a window, apparently stuck in a en endless, gray reverie? The melancholic voice is the perfect sound for that image, and these reads will have you sighing wistfully.

Info for Melancholic voice Voice-overs

Some characters just can't get enough of the past, as if they're stuck in an endless loop of reviving memories of days gone by. While that may not sound like the most appealing state of mind, it sometimes makes for romantic, dramatic images that can heighten the emotional punch of a project. A melancholic voice is perfect for portraying those dejected, hearbroken characters that truly believe that there's no time like the past.

When can you use an Melancholic voice Voice-over?

There are various ways to use a melancholic voice in your projects. Sometimes video game, animation, or film heroes are going through a rough patch; they've (temporarily) lost agains the big bad, or perhaps they've lost an ally in their quest. Other times they run across characters who are crestfallen, and truly believe that things can't be changed — this is the perfect time for a memorable, melancholy performance. This voice also has a place in ads, as sometimes characters need to be reminded that yes, that gum they like is going to come back in style, or that there's a better, bigger product or service coming out that's going to replace a discountinued one they're sad about.

What makes the perfect Melancholic voice?

Sad, slow, deflated. Those are the main characteristics of a melancholic voice. The delivery tends to have a low cadence, with a low speech volume.