Mellow Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Mellow voice for your voice over project.

Relax, sit back, and enjoy your ride. A mellow voice is smooth and full of positive vibes. It’s an easygoing voice, easy like a lazy Sunday morning.

Info for Mellow voice Voice-overs

A mellow voice is unhurried by the stresses of life. It casually breezes past them cooling of any harsh vibes along the way. It’s like chilled (not cold) lemonade on a sunny day or that nice cup of hot cocoa on a bitter winter’s night, except for your ears. The voice is soft and pleasing to listen to.

When can you use an Mellow voice Voice-over?

A mellow voice features in a wide array of productions. It works excellently in adverts when paired with products such as real estate, concerts and holiday plans. You can also find traces of it in TV, film and on commercial radio spots. The laid back and breezy quality in mellow voices makes them perfect for meditation videos and tour guides.

What makes the perfect Mellow voice?

A mellow voice is soft, full-flavour and easy listening. It’s never in a hurry to say what it wants from you. This voice is calm and comforting, it is courteous and thoughtful. The voice maintains a consistent pitch which makes it sound mindful, soothing and relaxing. Due to it’s low pitch, a mellow voice can also have some raspy elements.

Other info for Mellow voice Voice-overs

A mellow voice has a unique quality that can make any situation seem bearable. Meditation podcasts and videos use this voice as a visualization technique to help the audience relax.