Menacing Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Menacing voice for your voice over project.

Cool, calm, and collected yet hiding some unknown motive. A menacing voice has an ominous effect when calm. When raised, it can be threatening in a dark and twisted way. It’s the type of voice you hear and immediately check to see if you secured all your doors and shutters.

Info for Menacing voice Voice-overs

A menacing voice is more than a dark and scary cloud that casts doubt. It rains down like hail making you run for cover. The voice of the boogie man that turns off the lights and laughs at you cowering in the corner. It sees all, it knows all and uses what it knows to ensure you’ll never feel safe again.

When can you use an Menacing voice Voice-over?

Menacing voices are used to entertain and thrill audiences as they try to make it through full feature films, TV crime, and drama shows. This voice also features in some commercial ad spots and video games. It adds an extra layer of complexity and savagery to the villains, ghosts, and demons that threaten the protagonist. A menacing voice increases the threat level of any situation, which is very engaging for audience.

What makes the perfect Menacing voice?

Creepy, sinister, dark, dire _ there are too many words in the dictionary that capture the essence of a menacing voice. It’s not about tone, age, or even gender. A menacing voice is about calmly and unequivocally using your words to threaten someone. It’s more about the choice of words and specificity of the threat. A menacing voice knows what you’re scared of and is prepared to use it against you.

Other info for Menacing voice Voice-overs

Villains, creeps, and all the bad guys have a menacing voice. But, sometimes even the good guys use it to shake down a lead from unwilling witnesses.