Mischievous Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Mischievous voice for your voice over project.

A mischievous voice is that little cartoon demon that pops up on your left shoulder. This voice is up to no good, but it sure is fun to run with the cunning and disobedient character.

Info for Mischievous voice Voice-overs

You should know better than to trust a mischievous voice, but it tends to have that child-like persuasion you can’t resist. The voice is not inherently evil, it’s more of cheeky in a cute way. It’s that voice that tells you to have a little fan without thinking of the consequences. Or to have a few laughs at other people’s expense.

When can you use an Mischievous voice Voice-over?

The mischievous voice has helped millions of advertisers coax consumers into trying out new products and services. It also features heavily in animated films, movies, audiobooks, videogames, and other productions.

What makes the perfect Mischievous voice?

Warm, playful and all round fun, a mischievous voice does a superb job at portraying a range of behaviours including delinquency, and to general good sense. The mischievous voice may be cunning but in a benign way. It welcomes you to have a little fun and worry about the consequences of your actions later.

Other info for Mischievous voice Voice-overs

A mischievous voice is not a cute cartoon demon. It can morph into any shape or form. Sometimes, it even possesses people like that polite guy next door or a kid trying to sell you lemonade. It’s there in all of us, and can be used to manipulate listener’s into doing a speaker’s bidding.