Mocking Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Mocking voice for your voice over project.

A mocking voice can take almost anything that was said, and make it sound ridiculous or laughable. It’s generally used to demean someone’s argument or statement, painting it in the worst light possible.

Info for Mocking voice Voice-overs

In most cases, a mocking voice expresses disagreement. The speaker might be dissatisfied and very willing to make their discontentment known. A comedian can use a mocking voice when repeating a statement that they found to be ridiculous, in a bid to make the audience laugh.

When can you use an Mocking voice Voice-over?

It is commonly used in comedy specials to make people laugh; television shows, movies, and in competitive sports and political arguments to demean opponents and drown their spirits. A mocking voice can be used on a light note, or to seriously criticize something that has been said or done.

What makes the perfect Mocking voice?

It heavily relies on how words are being said, rather than the particular words being said, in order to deliver the intended message to the audience. A mocking voice can be disapproving and humorous when used by a comedian to deliver a joke. Moreover, it can also be aggressive and defiant when used by a member of a lobby group when expressing their intention of not following the directives given by someone in authority.

Other info for Mocking voice Voice-overs

The delivery of a mocking voice has to fit into the context of a specific event, for it not to be misinterpreted. To help pass the message, it may also be accompanied by certain expressions like a head bobble.