Movie Trailer Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Movie Trailer voice for your voice over project.

“Coming soon, in a theatre near you…” You know that movie trailer voice. You have heard it countless times. The right execution of these words can make you watch a movie you had no intention of watching or buy tickets to a theater hundreds of miles away. And who does it remind you of? Don LaFontaine!

Info for Movie Trailer voice Voice-overs

The movie trailer voice is the robust and enticing baritone voice that is the epicenter of movie marketing. It is the first interaction you have with a new movie; its success is often wholly dependent on the voice.

When can you use an Movie Trailer voice Voice-over?

It is alluring and captivating. The movie trailer voice keeps listeners at the edge of their seats and is usually accompanied by equally fascinating scenes. It arouses curiosity and builds excitement. Movies, especially Hollywood movies, are experts in movie trailer advertising, and most recently, audiobooks and podcasts are embracing it. Do it right, and your movie, no matter how bad it is, will surely perform when released.

What makes the perfect Movie Trailer voice?

A loud, dramatic, heavy voice that captures the listener immediately and keeps them glued to the short transcript of the story. Yes, it, mostly exaggerates the drama in the main movie, but who cares? It seeks to give enough to the audience that they will want to go see the film, while withholding enough to keep the story interesting.

Other info for Movie Trailer voice Voice-overs

Audiences are accustomed to listening carefully to the bold, enticing pronouncements of a movie trailer vocal delivery, so opting for a movie trailer voice is a robust marketing tactic and a sure way to capture your listeners' attention.