Mush Mouth Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Mush Mouth voice for your voice over project.

You know how it feels when your drunk friend speaks to you? You can hardly make out what they are saying, and that ladies and gentlemen, is mush mouth voice. It bears a little resemblance to what old people call mumble music. A speaker using the mush mouth voice will sound like they are mumbling and swallowing their words.

Info for Mush Mouth voice Voice-overs

Mush mouth voices don’t just belong to the drunk and the inarticulate. When a speaker is sleepy, most of their words will be inaudible. Sometimes, these voices are as a result of a heavy tongue. The speaker sounds like they are saying gibberish, with jumbled words and unformed consonants.

When can you use an Mush Mouth voice Voice-over?

The biggest audience for mush mouth voices are kids. Character narrations go crazy with this voice, and so do audiobook narrators. Mush mouth voices are also perfect for animations and video games. The jumbled pronunciation of some of the words will definitely have your audience cracking up in a commercial. Using mush mouth voices makes your brand appear approachable and fun, and since the audience doesn’t really have to hear what you are saying, you can be as creative as you want.

What makes the perfect Mush Mouth voice?

With mush mouth voices, several phrases can feel like one long statement with no punctuation marks. If you are looking for your audience to hear every word, you need a voice artist who has truly mastered the mush mouth technique. These voices are amusing, and can sometimes be annoying if used too much; either way, mush mouth voices get the attention of the audience.