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Find the perfect Narrator voice for your Voice over project.

Captivating, clear, and engaging. Those are the three main qualities of a great narrator voice. These voice artists are ready to take your project to the next level, and give your narration script the perfect read that'll have your audience hanging on every word.

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Info for Narrator voice Voice-overs

Narration is a hallmark of many genres now, and it's been used in anything from children's stories to commercials. While there are many ways to approach a narrator voice — and there have certainly been some idiosyncratic ones — you'll find that our voice actors and actresses can tackle anything from classic to quirky. A good narrator should offer a consistent, clear, relatable presence that augments and supplements the story being told. If you've got a script that calls for a great narrator voice, you'll find the perfect one here.

When can you use an Narrator voice Voice-over?

There are endless examples of stories utilizing narration to a high degree. Role-playing, mystery, or adventure games tend to have the main character, or an omniscient narrator bookending chapters. Anything from a storybook quality to the gritty, noir voice-over are as much as staple of the gaming world as Hollywood movies now. Narration is also used widely in commercials and ads; anything from Werther's Originals to big chocolate brands have employed the typical benevolent old man narration to give their products a familiar, pastoral air.

What makes the perfect Narrator voice?

There's no one-size-fits-all narrator voice. The main qualitiy should be a clear, precise diction, since they´re functioning as exposition, This serves to make the voice engaging and riveting for audiences, and will keep them listening when they come on. Deeper voices are generally preferred.