Nasal Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Nasal voice for your voice over project.

Ever think of the voice of the old-time radio announcers? A nasal voice brings that slightly higher-pitched, nasal-cavity sound to your projects, whether you're thinking of rebooting 'The Nanny' or need to bring a youthful, nerdy character to life.

Info for Nasal voice Voice-overs

A nasal voice is immediately recognizable, and, despite sometimes getting a bad rap, it's sometimes of the most endearing, memorable parts of beloved characters like Fran Drescher from 'The Nanny,' and Phoebe Buffay from 'Friends.' But this voice type is not always associated with quirky, lovable characters; it runs the gamut from well-meaning, youthful, chipper, and affable to an annoying, pestering nuisance. Whichever and whatever you need to portray, these voice actors and actresses are ready to bring their nasal-cavity, slightly-congested best reads to make your script come to life.

When can you use an Nasal voice Voice-over?

The nasal voice is typically played for laugh in movies, TV shows, video games, and film. Affable, lovable buffoons tend to have this voice quality, as well as nerdy, brainiac characters. Comic relief is all well and good, but villanous characters can also have this voice type sometimes, especially clueless henchmen. In ads and marketing material, nasal voices are winning out over more conventional ones as well. Their distinctive, memorable quality (when not going overboard) is sometimes great for presenting products in a cheeky, fun way.

What makes the perfect Nasal voice?

Nasal voices tend to be higher-pitched than normal, and they also have a slightly "whiny" quality due to air buzzing in the nose cavity. Some accents also have a more nasal tone than others. The American accent, for instant, tends to sound nasal to non-native speakers.