Old Time Radio Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Old Time Radio voice for your voice over project.

The good old days! When the family, after a long day’s work, would gather in the living room to hear those outrageous, funny stories on the radio. The days of the larger than life storytellers, that somehow made you experience the story with them with their old time radio voice.

Info for Old Time Radio voice Voice-overs

Maybe it’s the slow narration done in a slightly deep melodic voice, with an obvious Mid-Atlantic or old British accent. There is just something alluring about the old time radio voice. It's the voice in old shows that brings a degree of rectitude and decency that we can only associate with the good old times.

When can you use an Old Time Radio voice Voice-over?

This voice transports you back to when the legendary movie ‘The Godfather’ was a big deal (it still is). The days when one would be judged based on their character. The old time radio voice brings a charm from simpler days and is mainly used in 'old movies' or flashbacks to the 90s.

What makes the perfect Old Time Radio voice?

An old-fashion charm and charisma characterize the old time radio voice, and the memories of the past make the magnetism from the voice feel like home. A personal animated touch to this voice could make narrating a story even more trustworthy, with a touch of reliability, authenticity, and honesty.

Other info for Old Time Radio voice Voice-overs

Nostalgia is a great tool to use in storytelling. Using an old time radio voice could make your audience reminisce over the good old times. Even when targeting a younger audience, this voice can be effective as it brings an old-time flavor to your story, which is usually unexpected and magical.