Ominous Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Ominous voice for your voice over project.

Creepy, eerie, and sinister. An ominous voice lets the audience know that trouble is coming, and big trouble at that. It’s the dark and booming voice that creates a presence around you, filling you with fear.

Info for Ominous voice Voice-overs

A foreboding voice, full of suspense. A mysterious and spooky voice that is bold and expressive. An ominous voice lets the audience know that something threating is coming their way. This keeps listeners on their toes, waiting for the next big reveal of your show.

When can you use an Ominous voice Voice-over?

Video game and movie trailers love to use the ominous voice to create an aura of foreboding and suspense in the audience. You can use it in hard-sell commercial spots, in audiobook narration, and even for public service announcements. Witches, wizards, and other powerful characters in video games and animations tend to have ominous voices. This voice is used to propagate evil agendas, but it can also represent impending goodness, like the voice of God.

What makes the perfect Ominous voice?

An ominous voice is usually accompanies by thunderous and cracking sound effects. Storytellers use an ominous tone to keep the audience interested. Ominous speech usually includes words and phrases that warn of inform the listener of the impending doom. This voice brings an extra layer of drama and suspense to productions. It keeps the audience curious and entertained.

Other info for Ominous voice Voice-overs

Dark, deep, menacing, and booming voice. Ominous voices are associated with masculinity, but women can also speak ominously. An ominous voice is a sign that something significant (with the significant of an omen) is about to happen.