Personable Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Personable voice for your voice over project.

Aren't there voices you just want to get along with? A personable voice has a heartwarming quality that's immediately friendly and approachable. These voices are ideal if what you need is to immediately get on the listener's good side.

Info for Personable voice Voice-overs

Establishing trust can often be a difficult thing. The personable voice has this charismatic, innate quality that just makes it trustworthy, like it has your best interests at heart. No question about it, the warm, relatable tones of a personable voice can engage and persuade listeners with just the power of charm and goodness.

When can you use an Personable voice Voice-over?

Are you trying to inform people about the latest-and-greatest medical technology? A doctor or medical professional with a personable voice can make all the difference between alienating your listeners and making them feel safe and comforted. Commercials and ads generally benefit from a salesperson with a personable voice to pitch ideas or products. In the real of fiction, characters with this voice type tend to be best-friend types, or affable secondary characters that just knock you off their feet with their amicability.

What makes the perfect Personable voice?

The personable voice is usually warm, chipper, and sounds open and relaxed. Whether they're explaining a medical marvel or just greeting you and asking you how your day's been, people with this voice type sound engaged, empathetic, and absolutely at ease. They tend to have a slightly more raised pitch than normal, with a clear, concise, bright timbre.