Pleasant Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Pleasant voice for your voice over project.

We love this voice. It's perfect! Maybe we want to wake up to it or listen as we fall asleep, or for that matter, anytime. The pleasant voice is music to our ears, and we tend to come back for more. And yes, it makes the character or speaker very likable.

Info for Pleasant voice Voice-overs

The pleasant voice is balanced and smooth. It's friendly without being overbearing and warm without being sappy. A pleasant voice is clear and easy to listen to. You can't go wrong with a pleasant voice, from characters to speakers to podcasters and audiobook readers. Everyone likes a pleasant voice.

When can you use an Pleasant voice Voice-over?

The audience for a pleasant voice is easy to find. If you are choosing a voice for an audio talk, speech, podcast, or documentary, a pleasant voice is a perfect choice. A pleasant voice provides a pleasing delivery without overriding the material. It's warm and friendly enough to be likeable, but not too much so that takes precedence over the material. Your audience will want to listen, connect, and return to the pleasant voice.

What makes the perfect Pleasant voice?

A pleasant voice is smooth and warm. It can be any gender, age, or ethnicity. You won't find awkward pauses or word fillers with the pleasant voice; it's consistent and even paced. This voice is clear and easy to understand, confident and with just the right amount of emotion.

Other info for Pleasant voice Voice-overs

You know how you can hear someone's voice and you know they are smiling? That's the pleasant voice. It sounds like a smile, and in fact, often those who are known for their pleasant voices speak with a smile.