Political Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Political voice for your voice over project.

A political voice is used to either establish or maintain power, authority or dominance, and no, this voice is not just for politics. It is argumentative and can get your audience to really listen, maybe even change their minds.

Info for Political voice Voice-overs

It is the type of voice that stamps authority on any statement it utters. It also holds promise; promise that what is desired can be achieved. Political characters are antagonistic; their voices can inspire listeners to act. This is the voice to use if you want to communicate your vision to your team.

When can you use an Political voice Voice-over?

This voice does well in movies as well as campaign commercials, podcasts, audiobook narrations, and video games. However, as the name suggests, political voices do especially well in political campaigns. This voice is confident and informative. It is authoritative and believable. Character films use this voice to portray leaders and revolutionary characters. A political voice can sound biased, which is a great technique for informing customers about your brand.

What makes the perfect Political voice?

It can take different forms, depending on the depth of the matter being discussed, as well as the audience being targeted. It can be aggressive and loud when promising a revolution in a rally full of young, energetic people who are tired of being oppressed by the current regime. The political voice can also be soft but firm when addressing members of vulnerable groups; promising them that justice will be sought and the power they once had, restored.

Other info for Political voice Voice-overs

The political voice can be conditional. Usually, the speaker is trying to get something from the audience and uses a political tone to persuade them.