Posh Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Posh voice for your voice over project.

When your voice over requires a heavy dose of high-society elegance, there's nothing like the posh voice over. Luxury, refinement, and style all bundled into one neat, sophisticated package.

Info for Posh voice Voice-overs

A posh voice embodies all of the aristocratic, high-class tropes of refinement, luxury, and grace that have become hallmarks of representations of well-to-do lords and ladies. While this voice type is generally associated with British high society, it can also carry over to other countries and accents. Still, nothing quite beats the elegance of a British voice advertising a new perfume, or the regal tones of an incredibly well-dressed vampire. This voice type is great for both playing to age-old tropes of wealth and distinction, or for playing against type. Who doesn't love a good Bond villain with a perfectly-groomed style and impeccable accent?

When can you use an Posh voice Voice-over?

The posh accent lends itself to a huge variety of performances. Sometimes a posh voice belongs to a disdainful, arrogant villain who loves talking down to others he sees as lesser beings (like Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, or Empire officers in Star Wars); on occasion, it belongs to a lawful straight arrow that wants to be kind to the dispossessed. Of course, who doesn't like a character with a posh voice being brought down a peg? A posh voice is also a fantastic asset for adverts, as the air of sophistication, luxury and elegance is great for narrating product videos, and for bringing an air of intelligence and refined taste.

What makes the perfect Posh voice?

Slightly higher-pitched and nasally, the posh voice has perfect diction. Of course, it tends to speak (but not strictly limited to) perfect Queen's English.